Saturday, July 09, 2016

24 - Meditation on God

“In this age we must expand our understanding of the word God.” *

I meditated on God and my universe expanded. My heart became more peaceful; my mind serene.

There is no human being on earth who does not ever ask about God.

God is unfathomable; yet we try. So why ponder on the imponderable?

Because we get parochial otherwise; we want only our “God” to be the one. This creates separatism and shrinks our mind, our world. We do not see other possibilities and views. Our consciousness shrinks. A shrinking consciousness then identifies a turf — then works to protect it — creating ideologies to buttress the view, and then takes action preemptively. Slowly our soul shrinks and we create a space for evil to take root. When the soul shrinks further, we lose our divine connection; evil has free play. Evil does not just come and sit inside of us; we invite it by commission or omission. Then we identify us vs. them; we then make “them” less than us, less human. We see the world as limited.  Less than “us” therefore creates a philosophy of not deserving the privileges and opportunities that we feel we have a right to have. This fractures our inherent moral fiber and we disconnect further from our soul. Then evil takes root ever more deeply and eventually the soul is kicked out; the elementals are in charge. We blame others, the "them” for all our troubles.  It is a predictable death march after that; it will end in death because evil cannot triumph for long; the elementals will return to earth. Evil goes down and takes its body with it. But it is always ready to reactivate itself. Until we “seal the door where evil dwells” it will wait for opportunities to rise up.  We certainly provide many such opportunities.

Have you pondered on the meaning of God?

What are our “Gods”?  Our religious definitions and exclusive identities and opinions are on the top of the list. Then we have our positions, diplomas, special
Saturday, June 11, 2016

23 - Permanent and Impermanent

My Father is a permanent part of my life!

As we plan to launch our TSG Fundraising for our permanent TSG Center,  I sense the energy of continuity in the work that I do. I see it in context of something larger than myself. What we do, what I do, matters. What Torkom wrote and exemplified matters. What comes after us matters. What we do to make the future a continuity matters. There is both permanence and impermanence in life; we have to make wise choices as we let the energy flow in permanence.

It is easy to serve for a minute; continuity is much harder.

It is easy to love and give for one minute; continuous loving and sacrifice is much harder.

Permanency, continuity, takes courage and faith. The courage to continue without seeing the accomplished goal. The faith in knowing the mystery eventually becomes material. There is a courage and faith beyond words and beyond tangible life. Their reality is in the intangible and this reality is felt deep in our hearts.

I work daily, for 29 years, non-stop. I believe in what I do. I believe in the good that I help happen. I believe in the Teaching and its great principles that inform the lives of all who love and cherish life. I see the continuity of these traditions in all cultures and faiths. Yes, humans distort and impose. Humans hate and become racists and bigots. Humans kill and starve people. Humans close their eyes when hatemongers ply their trade. But, humans also love, save, help, uplift, heal, and sacrifice for others. Humans impact life in myriad ways, every minute of our lives.

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