Friday, April 15, 2016

22 - The Process of Renewal


Every year at this time, spiritual people from all around the world celebrate what is often referred to as Wesak, or the Festival of Buddha. The Festival coincides with the Full Moon of Taurus, or when the Sun is in Taurus. This most often falls in May, but at times, it falls in April, as it will this year.

I like this Festival, because the key ingredient is “contact.” Contact is what human beings most want in their lives. We want to contact our loved ones, our pets, our friends. Note social media and how many people all over the world make contact with each other. Old and young, we like contact. There is no life without contact.

In the spiritual realms, contact means to connect with the essence within us and within nature. We have a thirst for this contact inherent in us. Every person who is beyond survival mode wants to know what is beyond the life. So, we seek cultural explanations, religious explanations, and spiritual explanations. We ponder denial and we ponder possibilities. But we keep on asking and seeking.

Why do we seek and ask? It is because we sense a need for renewal. We want change and we know that change means life, means solved problems, means to see a new way of life and new meaning. So, renewal is important to us as human beings. We do not keep our children in the same habits, nor do we want ourselves trapped in the same habits. We want renewal.

How then to find the path of renewal? Take nine days, and each day, ponder on one of the questions given below. Think and write your findings. Here they are, taken from Torkom Saraydarian's  Wisdom of The Zodiac, Volume 1:

Monday, March 21, 2016

20 - Resurrect Our Collective Spirit - Easter and Aries

Below, you will see two YouTube links for brief presentations on Easter and Aries Full Moon.

In the esoteric wisdom Teachings, the spiritual New Year begins with the Aries full moon. When the Sun is aligned with the Aries Constellation, the New Year begins. This coincides with the onset of Spring and all the energy that we feel in the process of new growth. The potential for new growth and new beginnings is never better than at this time of the year.

Aries also is related to the celebration of Easter. Easter is a major holy day for Christians around the world. As a child, I remember Easter as the foremost holy day in our family celebrations. The holiday began the Sunday before Easter with the celebration of Palm Sunday. My mother collected flowers from her garden and the neighbor’s garden. I still remember the pink roses we collected from our neighbor’s yard. If Easter was early, the weather not quite warm, the roses would not be in full bloom. If Easter was later in the year, the roses may be wilted by the heat. It was always a tug at us to find just the right colors and right blooms from our garden and the neighbor’s garden to decorate with. Mom would buy palm leaves for each of us, as tall as each of us. The leaves were woven into beautiful little pockets that would hold flowers. She would tuck bunches of flowers into the woven palm leaves. The stem would be tied with a satin ribbon and off we went to Church. We rode the bus and walked and joined the congregation to celebrate Palm Sunday. The next Sunday, we arose early, put on new clothes that Mom made for us and again made the trek to Church in the next town. Our treat after Church were circular, crunchy, sesame covered breads purchased from a vendor just outside the Church. This was the treat we had on the bus home. We walked, rode the bus, walked home and ate our lunch, cracked colored eggs, and had a great time. By the way, the eggs were colored with onion skins into silky deep earth colors, daisy flowers created bright yellow colored eggs, various leaves created green colored eggs!

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