Thursday, December 20, 2012

What is to come in the New Year

Dear Friends and Readers:

I have taken some time to think about what sorts of blogs to write in the New Year and what to do with all the old ones I have written for so many years now.

So, I have decided on the following: Start with taking down all the old blogs and save them and create an easily accessible reading for you, as an enhanced e-book of a sort that I am envisioning.

The old blogs will not go away; they will be delivered in a new way to you. Many of the blogs are linked to my lectures I have given over the years. I have often thought of how to make these lectures more readily available on YouTube, in full length instead of short snippets. So I will be working with our technical people to get some of these videos up online. Pretty soon, you will be able to read all the blogs in one contained volume and be able to link to lectures that pertain to so many of my writings.

I want to thank you for reading by blogs for so many years. You have inspired me and kept me going.

Second, I want to be able to continue providing interesting insights and my personal opinions and thought processes about how I understand daily life events from the perspective of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. I will continue writing and add new blogs to this page about subjects that move and inspire me.

I want to wish each of you a most blessed and joyful Christmas.

Happy Holidays of any sort that you enjoy and celebrate.

And I wish you a most prosperous and joyful New Year in 2013.

And, if you have any requests for topics or ideas you wish for me to think and write about, don’t be shy to ask me! I may just get super inspired with your requests.

With love and appreciation,


Betty Ertwine said...

I soooooooo appreciate all of what you do; Gita. Peace Within, Betty Ertwine

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