Friday, December 13, 2013

9 - Eternal Memories

If you want to feel eternal love and joy for all your life’s experiences, things past and things enjoyed, keep it simple. These experiences are never lost and do not have to be a source of pain and sadness. Eternal love and joy flow from being inclusive and simple. All of our life’s’ experiences belong to the eternal now. In simplification and continuity, we experience our life in its continuous and harmonious beauty.

When we face a holiday, or celebration of any kind, we tend to remember things from our current perspective, as we are now. But the key to joyful memories is to remember the joys as we were then, and bring that joy forward without all the baggage attached to them. So, instead of thinking of Christmas past as we feel now, how it was and how it disappeared and people have left and so on, we can instead keep it simple and remember it as it was and is recorded without embellishments.
Monday, November 11, 2013

8 - What do you mean “I am your teacher”?

While attending a seminar on Healing in 1991, listening to Torkom lecture, I heard him make, what was to me, a most remarkable series of statements. His words carry power and commitment and continue to inspire me.

Since Torkom was my father and he had always taught me about life and the Teaching, I had not thought of him as “my teacher”.  I instantly had a sense that these were not mere words; they carried immense depth and responsibility. Before I could honestly call Torkom “my teacher” I had to be sure that I was truly a student.

What does it mean when we call someone “my teacher”?

Someone asks a question. Torkom responds briefly, then he takes an unexpected turn. Is he answering a hidden question? Or, is he setting a standard for us to remember both as teachers and as students? Here is the text:

“Question: Are there certain types of songs in your music that are meant to bring out certain qualities?

“Answer: Yes. With all humility, it is the whole Universe that is to be credited for creative expressions, not me, not you, not anyone. This music is coming from higher levels of consciousness, from my Core, and is challenging you to go to your Core and discover the way to find the beauty there.

“If you are not reading my books and listening to my music, and are not working with the Teaching presented to you, you are wasting your time by running after your ‘tail,’ after mirages. We have women and men who have been with us for fifteen or twenty years, and they have not even penetrated into the skin of the Teaching. They are flipping-flopping outside, running after dreams and stupidities. I do not know how to shake them and say, ‘Awaken, here is the Teaching.’

“Take, for example, the book, The Purpose of Life, and live it. This book is enough for you until you go to the moon and stay there for one hundred years. That book is enough for you. But many of you are reading everything and listening to every kind of music.  Someone else must say this to you so that I do not appear that I am praising myself. He must say, ‘Hey, listen to this music! Read these books; they are exceptional.’

“Who among you is going to stand up and say these things? You must say, ‘Challenge for Discipleship is so beautiful.’ Well, stand up and say it to others.

“ ‘But what will people think about me if I do that?’ This is it! Cowards! Talk about the Teaching that is given to you. Listen to the music. Throw out this trash that is around you, in your mind.

“You are saying, ‘You are my Teacher, you are my Teacher,’ but for twenty or thirty years, you never do what I say. What kind of Teacher is that? Everywhere people are taking their disciples to mediums where the mediums are reading their past lives and blessing them, etc. And at the end, they ask, ‘Do you know Torkom?’ ‘Of course! He is my Teacher.’ Shame on me that I am your Teacher.

“Do you see how they find the best way to kill their Teacher? As if I am a Teacher advising you to take people to mediums. This is their ‘love.’ They crucified their Teacher by saying to a medium, ‘T. is my Teacher.’ It is like saying, ‘I am the best gambler, and you know who my Teacher is? T.’ This is a very sneaky way to humiliate people and the Teaching.

“Personally, I do not say the Teaching is mine. The Teaching belongs to all of the Great Ones. This morning at 5:00 o’clock I was dreaming about someone and I said, ‘It is all Yours. I do not take any credit for any of it.’

“I am just a laborer. That is all. I am bringing the Teaching to you. If you like it, take it. If you do not like it, who cares?

“We must feel that these books, this music, these lectures, are expanding our consciousness. But of course, it is ‘freaking’ you sometimes. Why is this? Well, if there are elements within you that are creating friction with these kinds of energies, you will ‘freak out’ for a while. But if you come to your Teacher and say, ‘I am freaking. What can I do?’ he will say, ‘Stay here, and stand there, and this is it.’ Then you do it. If you do not respect and follow his advice, then you do not have a Teacher, and you do not have any Teaching.

“In the book, The Flame of Beauty, Culture,Love, and Joy, I said to follow the art objects of those people who are spiritually advanced, because they provide you with all those elements that are charged with Beauty and their Core. If you come in contact with Beauty, you will really change. Nicholas Roerich said, ‘In beauty we pray; in beauty we achieve; in beauty we conquer.’ We have been trying to conquer others with atomic bombs. Actually, we can conquer everything with beauty. Why is this? When you conquer the Core of man, everything is conquered.”

Torkom was and continues to be a true Teacher. He had a vision and he stayed with that vision to the end. I strive every day to be able to call him “my teacher”. Everything that we do at TSG is to honor this great man and great server of the Teaching.

We can honor Torkom by making sure that his legacy is kept alive and thriving, always.


Quotes from Torkom's lecture are excerpted from the soon to be published book titled Esoteric Science of Healing. Contact TSG Foundation for details.

For information on how you can support Torkom’s Legacy, please visit us online.

Gita Saraydarian is the Founder and President of TSG Foundationand TSG Spiritual University.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

7 - Grief and the Mysteries of Life

Grief is an important part of spiritual growth. Through the process of grief, we learn the mysteries of life. Each period of grief, due to loss of loved ones or separation from loved ones, provides a platform for a deeper appreciation of the process of life.
I have learned in my life that it is better to be honest with our feelings than try to fit them into a preconceived “spiritual” mold. We feel what we feel; so it is better to look at our feelings honestly and accept them. Our feelings are an important part of our spiritual experience; they tell us exactly what we are all about at that very moment of facing momentous crises.
When my father was told he had four months to live, I felt a terrible sadness that I did not at first comprehend. For some time, people from around the world prayed night and day to heal him. But at some point, I remember him saying that if it is meant to be, then he will live for a few more years. If not, it was time to go and we should not try to hold onto him. During those four months, I did not know how to contemplate his passing, I did not know what that was yet. I did not know the journey I was about to take. I was too busy talking to him about the responsibilities that lay ahead for me.
Friday, September 06, 2013

6 - Spirituality and a Vegetarian Diet

Question: I have been on the path of spirituality for many years now and been a lacto-vegetarian for my whole life.
I have met and spoken to many people who are on the path of spirituality who suggests that vegetarianism is the way to be more spiritually evolved and of course to have compassion for all living beings.
My question is, is the level of spiritual development depends on what we eat? I have been reading books written by Torkom for many years apart from reading books by many other authors across the globe, I didn’t find any book which has details about eating ethics. Hence, I am very curious about the eating ethics that one should follow to lead a more spiritual and compassionate life.

Gita Answer: Yes, first, being a vegetarian is a good choice, but in itself, it does not make you spiritual or make you more spiritually evolved. Being spiritual and spiritually evolved is a comprehensive inner and outer approach to all of your life that includes what you eat and a whole lot more. Spirituality is a level of consciousness where you have made a steady and definite shift toward a higher level of integrity and beingness.
“When you think of spirituality think about a tree, how the tree grows….The tree puts down many, many roots….there is a balance between the roots and branches….To have a balanced consciousness, you must have spirituality in the inner world, and spirituality in the outer world….Your spirituality must be grounded or else your spirituality remains suspended in the air. On one side you must further the expansion of your consciousness, and on the other side you must show the fruits of the expansion of consciousness.” (Consciousness Vol. 1, p. 278).

What we eat has an influence on how we feel and how our physical, emotional, and mental bodies are built. What we eat attracts similar energies to us and attracts us to similar levels of consciousness in the physical and subtle worlds.

Friday, August 16, 2013

5 – Communications in Truth

What would our communications be like if we took the time to discover the truth inside of us; to think deeply and ponder, and then find good listeners to share our insights with? How would our communications improve if we developed good listening skills, tuning in with the rhythm of the speaker and then responding appropriately and with co-measurement?

I find that some of the most fulfilling times of my life have been when I spent a few hours with one person who listens to what I have to say and to whom I listen attentively. Whenever I spend any time with such a friend, I find neither one of us has dominated the conversation; it has been a unified rhythm. I walk away feeling nourished and filled; not emptied and drained. It is the deep and insightful conversation, as well as the listening and the appropriate responding, that is uplifting. I find that during those times, a poised and expanded consciousness holds the key to a mutually satisfying conversation.

Our conversations build or destroy life around us. A meaningful conversation resembles a soft, steady rain. It is non-intrusive, yet nourishes all that it touches, one little drop at a time. The earth has the time to absorb; the trees have the time to unfold; the birds have the time to come out and explore; the flowers open one petal at a time and unfold outward toward the life energy.
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4 - Between the Minutes: Finding Meaning

Life moves all too quickly nowadays. Every time I look up, it is already Friday and the weekend is coming up. And, every weekend, I stop for a second from my weekend duties and it is already Monday, the start of the week. I wonder what the mirror will tell me if I dare to dwell before it just a bit too long. Somewhere in between all the comings and goings, I try to find the meaning of life and what I am really doing each day.

Stop between the minutes. Observe and take a picture of that moment. Study that picture. What is it telling you?

There is so much that goes on inside of us. With the rush, rush of life, where do we find the time to write about it or speak about it? We speak in “twitter-speak” when we do communicate. Or we speak in “text-speak” when we talk to anyone. We are in a rush, rush, rush, yet we have our cell phones glued to our ears. What keeps us so busy I wonder and yet with no time to dwell on meaning?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3 - Confrontation in the Cave

Dear Readers:

Here are some of my thoughts on the meaning of self confrontation, followed by a video summary on the Wisdom of the Zodiac and Leo.

We realize on our spiritual path that the work of healing, expanding our consciousness, growing in our True Self takes creative work. It is work that is done internally, without cheering crowds, accolades, medals or diplomas or any outer recognition.

The benefit of this internal work is realized by us first as a sense of well being, joy, and calmness. Then we see our relations and communications start to improve and we become happier in our life. Life, living takes on a new meaning.

This entails that we face ourselves honestly each day. We may be tempted or waylaid by schemes of quick and easy and free or cheap growth, or we may think someone else can do the work for us and just give us some psychic insights that will fix our life. But as we mature and face ourselves, we realize that there is no such thing as a quick fix. The only way to truly deepen our inner development is to do the work ourselves. To become mature people involves taking ourselves into the quiet, dark inner space, without any excuses and interruptions, no tools except for our inner abilities, and then to struggle until we conquer that dark space in our life.

If you have created anything in your life, be it art, sculpture, built anything, written anything, or sewn anything, you know it involves cutting, shaping, molding, removing things that don’t work. You discard so much before something becomes just what you want it to become. Even then, we see how to make it even better. By doing, we see the possibilities. By seeing the results of our labor are we pushed to strive and to create once again. A true artist never gives up trying and trying. The materials with which you work to create something must be handled and shaped, cut and parts discarded, best parts used and so on. It takes effort, time, and repetition — again and again.

We are all creative artists. We need to be fully aware of what is involved in the process of creation.

Yes, parts of us will feel stepped on, cut off, lonely; we may suffer hurt pride or bruised ego; we may feel like the spiritual teachings are punishing us, making us feel angry, frustrated and bad. Memories, old wounds, bad decisions, regrets and such will surface and haunt us. But as our illusions and false beliefs shatter one by one, our excuses will seem pointless and, after a while, we will see a new person emerging from the old. It is all a continuous process; it never ends.

We all know there is some image that we are striving toward. We look at ourselves and say, “this is not me, neither is this; so what is me”? Our inner Self has a model of perfection in the Higher Worlds and that image beckons us, pulls us, and pushes us. Our response to that pull is the story of our life.

Just as I was thinking that it was time to write the next blog, I had the occasion to study and share my insights about the Leo Full Moon, one of my favorites! This year, we have two Leo Full Moons, or when the Sun is in direct alignment with the constellation of Leo. In reading the Wisdom of the Zodiac, I was reminded that just like Hercules, we have many devastating qualities inside of us that have a life of their own. In the case of Hercules, these inner qualities have been depicted in the 12 labors of Hercules, the stuff of legends. In the labor of Leo, the story tells us that he had to face and render harmless a man eating lion.

Do we have such “man eating lions” inside of us? Yes we do. Toxic qualities inside of us “eat” people in so many ways and eat away at our life as well. We need to confront them without any excuses, external weapons, self pity arguments, and with firm resolve. Only then can we conquer this inner “beast” and make our inner qualities noble, universal, and nurturing. How is this done? By going into the cave with the lion, closing off all exits, and having a serious confrontation! It CAN get interesting!

I prepared a brief summary of the Chapter in the Wisdom of the Zodiac and posted it on YouTube for your enjoyment. I do hope you like it and are inspired to have that serious inner conversation, long overdo, devoid of trappings and excuses. You have two months during which to do this, for Leo comes around and stays with us for two months this year!

Go into a quiet space, remove all excuses, close down the escape hatches, and face yourself. Find the noble and the beautiful inside of you. Drop off things that are not you; only you know what these are. It is an opportune moment of huge growth and expansion of consciousness.

Here is the link to YouTube.


- Gita Saraydarian is the Founder and President of TSG Foundation, home of Torkom Saraydarian's creative works. 
- Monthly YouTube summaries of the Wisdom of the Zodiac are available.
- Wisdom of the Zodiac is a collection of four volumes of writings never before released. The books are available as a set or individually through TSG Foundation.
- Gita Saraydarian gave an in-depth series of lectures on the Labors of Hercules. A set of 14 Audio lectures are available online along with study materials.

Friday, March 08, 2013

2 - Mapping Your Spiritual Direction

If you want to have meaning in your life, to the end of your days, the surest path is to invest some time every day immersing yourself in one of these seven universal expressions!


Some time ago someone contacted me and said that he meditates every day, attends classes-lectures-seminars on spiritual matters, reads as many books as he can, but has terrible anger and jealousy issues, cannot get along with his family and friends, and feels that no one understands him or his spiritual pursuits. Could I help him? Did I have any suggestions so that people would better understand him?

My response was perhaps unexpected but simple: If you want people to treat you better and understand you, it has to begin with you. You have to change your “beingness.”
Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1- Love and the Meaning of Life

 A friend asked me to write about relationships. In addition to my personal relationship experiences, I have also encountered relationship issues in the lives of people who come to me for advice. I have noticed that the overwhelming issue facing all of us is the way we understand or do not understand the meaning of love. 
            Without a mature and selfless understanding of love, we cannot build right relationships. We need to cultivate a deep understanding of the mystery and power of love. Whether we want a healthier and more wholesome relationship with ourselves, a better marriage and love life, better family relations, or better relations with people in general, we must understand the mystery and power of love.
            Love is the one energy that builds our universal understanding of life. Love is not an emotion; it is not something we can choose to do without, except at our peril. When we do not feel love, we are full of hatred for the very things that we want to love. Hatred, anger, regret, sharply critical words are all masking the deep lack of love that usually begins with how we feel about ourselves.

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