Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1- Love and the Meaning of Life

 A friend asked me to write about relationships. In addition to my personal relationship experiences, I have also encountered relationship issues in the lives of people who come to me for advice. I have noticed that the overwhelming issue facing all of us is the way we understand or do not understand the meaning of love. 
            Without a mature and selfless understanding of love, we cannot build right relationships. We need to cultivate a deep understanding of the mystery and power of love. Whether we want a healthier and more wholesome relationship with ourselves, a better marriage and love life, better family relations, or better relations with people in general, we must understand the mystery and power of love.
            Love is the one energy that builds our universal understanding of life. Love is not an emotion; it is not something we can choose to do without, except at our peril. When we do not feel love, we are full of hatred for the very things that we want to love. Hatred, anger, regret, sharply critical words are all masking the deep lack of love that usually begins with how we feel about ourselves.

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