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2 - Mapping Your Spiritual Direction

If you want to have meaning in your life, to the end of your days, the surest path is to invest some time every day immersing yourself in one of these seven universal expressions!


Some time ago someone contacted me and said that he meditates every day, attends classes-lectures-seminars on spiritual matters, reads as many books as he can, but has terrible anger and jealousy issues, cannot get along with his family and friends, and feels that no one understands him or his spiritual pursuits. Could I help him? Did I have any suggestions so that people would better understand him?

My response was perhaps unexpected but simple: If you want people to treat you better and understand you, it has to begin with you. You have to change your “beingness.”

These seven principles are energy currents that slowly raise the vibrancy in our individual life and, in turn, we increase our selfless love, clear communication,  and the understanding we show toward our loved ones, our family and friends, and co-workers. Our attitude changes internally regarding everything in life. Focusing on these seven expressions daily changes the level of our consciousness.

Consciousness is the level and depth with which we relate with life at any given time. It can be shallow and self centered, or it can be deep, selfless, and full of wisdom. I have found through personal experience that whenever and wherever there is conflict, regret, guilt or sadness, there is a lack of one or more of these currents operating in my life.

To have right human relationships in our life takes work. To be healed of our blindness takes effort. When we focus on these principles and start to actualize them in our life, we find a true spiritual direction, which is in essence the direction of our spirit. Spiritual direction is the direction of the real you, the essence in you. It is not more prayers and meditations and rituals, but a real change that is palpable in all that we do.

How to find real, spiritual direction?

Keep a journal for seven months. Dedicate one month to each of the following:

Make BEAUTY the cornerstone of your life in all that you do. Fill your life with physical, emotional, and mental beauty. Increase the beauty in your home and in your person. Make your manners and communication with others beautiful. Find examples of beauty every day. Think about beauty and write what you are finding daily so that you train your mind and your eyes to notice beauty. How many times do we miss that subtle beauty surrounding us?

Always begin your day by remembering the GOODNESS in all of life around you. If you want goodness to come to you in all its forms, first be good to yourself, honor yourself, and then be good to others around you. Everyone in your life is there for a reason. Reasons may vary from lessons to be learned, wounds to be healed, detachments to be finalized, or deeper connections to be made. Sometimes people are in our lives to help us learn to love without attachment, be good without attachment, be joyful and kind without attachment; in a sense to learn to bring out the essence inside regardless of the outer circumstances.

Find the JOY that you have lost, and bring it up to the front of your consciousness. Joy is the power and glory and wings of your soul. As you cultivate joy, remember it, share it with others, life will change dramatically. Without our inner joy, we go up and down with the vagrancies of life. Joy will keep you balanced and consistent inside regardless of what happens in the world around you. When we remember the smallest gestures in life that brought us joy, our very cells change. Communicate with life with smiles of joy, words of joy, hugs of joy, thoughts of joy, always looking for the hidden kernel of joy in all experiences.

Live and believe in the essence of FREEDOM from all that imprisons you. What imprison us daily are the little pesky addictions that we have. Once we realize what holds power over us, we will want to let these go and be free. Be free of jealousy, envy, belittlement and put-downs. Free yourself from the attachments and expectations of the personality. Let your loved ones have their own vision of freedom and limitless possibilities. Keep that door of possibility open for your own life. Never close the door to love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and of possibility.

Remember to live in RIGHTEOUSNESS. Righteousness is to treat others the way you want to be treated. It is the highest form of the “Golden Rule.” It means that the spiritual law applies to you as well as to others equally. To be righteous we need to forgive, not to judge; to let go, to heal; to love with all our hearts and stop hating and belittling; to stop trying to dominate and being unfair; stop expecting and being disappointed in what is not yours to have and to demand. To be righteous in a most serious way is not to expect from life what you are reluctant to give! Righteousness makes us grow up.

Everyday, remember to STRIVE TOWARD PERFECTION. Strive every day; your life depends on it. Life is truly lived when we struggle and strive toward perfection. Why do we get up every day? Why do we fall in love, get married, have children? Why do we celebrate the new births in our life and remember anniversaries? Why do we bother to exercise, diet, pray, meditate, love others and ask others to love us and help us? Why bother at all if we don’t inherently know that there is something to be gained in doing these things? Deep in our souls, we know that what we truly want is not materially defined; it can only be defined by our spirit, a sense or a feeling of being connected with something greater than ourselves.

SACRIFICIAL SERVICE is how you give back to life in small or big ways. This is the circulation of all the gifts you have received. I am amazed at how many people give so much of themselves, their time and money and talents without expectation. There are people who would never dream of taking without giving. Others just want to take, take, take and don’t think ever of giving anything in return. How much do you take and how much do you give back? Sacrificial service is to give from yourself what is most important and sacred to you, and give it because you honor the sacredness of what you get from life.

Going back to the question I was asked, I advised the person to start focusing for one entire month on one of these seven expressions. Read about it, see it expressed in life, meditate on it, and find out how to increase it in your life. The key is to become, one by one, these expressions and bring them to life. After about a month, he wrote and said this was the most difficult spiritual work he had ever done and he was not through beauty yet! Of course; it is easy to read and fill our minds with spiritual furniture. It is not so easy to change. A year later, he wrote back and said this exercise helped him so much, even when extremely difficult to do. He thought it would be easy-breezy, but found that changing his inner attitudes and energy currents was worth the effort.

Filling your mind with more “spiritual” furniture is not a solution to your problems. Hoping everyone around you will change to suit your expectations is not going to work either. Being depressed, withdrawing from society will not heal your heart and make you feel better about life but will make you lonelier deep inside. But, putting yourself actively into these seven principles every day will heal your heart. You will slowly gear into the psychic energy of space. Your life will improve and you will become vibrant and creative in all that you do. You will suddenly feel as if a curtain is lifted and you can find people and situations in life that have all or some of these qualities. You will begin to see another side to life that you may have missed entirely. If you adhere to these seven principles in all you do, say, feel, think on a daily basis, you will build “spiritual muscle” that will sustain you in all of life’s unexpectedness.

These seven principles are chemical agents that change your mind, your brain, your emotions, and the chemistry of your energetic body.  A healthy mind and brain will result in a healthy life. You will draw to yourself all the chemical elements that nourish you, heal you, and bring joy and serenity. You will become magnetic, attracting friends and abundance of all kinds. It is an important and foundational shift that will help you have the direction that you want. Best of all, you will be a blessing to humanity because, once you live with these principles, you will want to share their benefits with everyone. But being a person of beauty, goodness, righteousness, joy, freedom, striving, and sacrificial service is the best attractive formula you will ever need. You will radiate without saying anything!

I wish you a life filled with the Beauty of the Universe!


Gita Saraydarian is the founder and President of TSG Foundation, home of Torkom Saraydarian’s creative works. For contact and information, please visit

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Torkom Saraydarian based his entire life’s work on these seven principles. He wrote a little booklet, Daily Discipline of Worship, to help us focus daily on five of the seven principles. These daily prayers have been enjoyed by thousands of people around the world. Available printed and e-Books.


Santana said...

Good Morning Gita!!!

I really resonated with the fantastic blog you just sent re the virtues.

I am going to do as you suggested keep; a journal and work at each for a month from the New Moon to the New Moon. Thinking of each virtue as the Keynote of the month.

I have known since my early twenties that emotional and mental reactions really affect the secretions of the endocrine system and related chakra. There is always a positive and negative secretion. It has been said that a drop of hate can literally, kill.

Now science is proving the body mind connection, ex. The Molecules of Emotion, by Candace Pert; What Esoteric Science has always known.

As a student I know how difficult it is to really change the chemistry and integrate the vehicles. By doing this I hope to gain new insights, understandings and really make some inner and outer changes.

Much Love,


PS I loved what you said that we don't need any more spiritual furniture. It is so true as I know from experience having made that mistake myself.

spiritual psychic readers said...

Mapping your spiritual direction is a hard to do but a necessary step to develop the spirituality and the inner psychic abilities. I have gone through it and that’s why I know its importance.

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