Friday, September 06, 2013

6 - Spirituality and a Vegetarian Diet

Question: I have been on the path of spirituality for many years now and been a lacto-vegetarian for my whole life.
I have met and spoken to many people who are on the path of spirituality who suggests that vegetarianism is the way to be more spiritually evolved and of course to have compassion for all living beings.
My question is, is the level of spiritual development depends on what we eat? I have been reading books written by Torkom for many years apart from reading books by many other authors across the globe, I didn’t find any book which has details about eating ethics. Hence, I am very curious about the eating ethics that one should follow to lead a more spiritual and compassionate life.

Gita Answer: Yes, first, being a vegetarian is a good choice, but in itself, it does not make you spiritual or make you more spiritually evolved. Being spiritual and spiritually evolved is a comprehensive inner and outer approach to all of your life that includes what you eat and a whole lot more. Spirituality is a level of consciousness where you have made a steady and definite shift toward a higher level of integrity and beingness.
“When you think of spirituality think about a tree, how the tree grows….The tree puts down many, many roots….there is a balance between the roots and branches….To have a balanced consciousness, you must have spirituality in the inner world, and spirituality in the outer world….Your spirituality must be grounded or else your spirituality remains suspended in the air. On one side you must further the expansion of your consciousness, and on the other side you must show the fruits of the expansion of consciousness.” (Consciousness Vol. 1, p. 278).

What we eat has an influence on how we feel and how our physical, emotional, and mental bodies are built. What we eat attracts similar energies to us and attracts us to similar levels of consciousness in the physical and subtle worlds.

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