Thursday, October 10, 2013

7 - Grief and the Mysteries of Life

Grief is an important part of spiritual growth. Through the process of grief, we learn the mysteries of life. Each period of grief, due to loss of loved ones or separation from loved ones, provides a platform for a deeper appreciation of the process of life.
I have learned in my life that it is better to be honest with our feelings than try to fit them into a preconceived “spiritual” mold. We feel what we feel; so it is better to look at our feelings honestly and accept them. Our feelings are an important part of our spiritual experience; they tell us exactly what we are all about at that very moment of facing momentous crises.
When my father was told he had four months to live, I felt a terrible sadness that I did not at first comprehend. For some time, people from around the world prayed night and day to heal him. But at some point, I remember him saying that if it is meant to be, then he will live for a few more years. If not, it was time to go and we should not try to hold onto him. During those four months, I did not know how to contemplate his passing, I did not know what that was yet. I did not know the journey I was about to take. I was too busy talking to him about the responsibilities that lay ahead for me.

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