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8 - What do you mean “I am your teacher”?

While attending a seminar on Healing in 1991, listening to Torkom lecture, I heard him make, what was to me, a most remarkable series of statements. His words carry power and commitment and continue to inspire me.

Since Torkom was my father and he had always taught me about life and the Teaching, I had not thought of him as “my teacher”.  I instantly had a sense that these were not mere words; they carried immense depth and responsibility. Before I could honestly call Torkom “my teacher” I had to be sure that I was truly a student.

What does it mean when we call someone “my teacher”?

Someone asks a question. Torkom responds briefly, then he takes an unexpected turn. Is he answering a hidden question? Or, is he setting a standard for us to remember both as teachers and as students? Here is the text:

“Question: Are there certain types of songs in your music that are meant to bring out certain qualities?

“Answer: Yes. With all humility, it is the whole Universe that is to be credited for creative expressions, not me, not you, not anyone. This music is coming from higher levels of consciousness, from my Core, and is challenging you to go to your Core and discover the way to find the beauty there.

“If you are not reading my books and listening to my music, and are not working with the Teaching presented to you, you are wasting your time by running after your ‘tail,’ after mirages. We have women and men who have been with us for fifteen or twenty years, and they have not even penetrated into the skin of the Teaching. They are flipping-flopping outside, running after dreams and stupidities. I do not know how to shake them and say, ‘Awaken, here is the Teaching.’

“Take, for example, the book, The Purpose of Life, and live it. This book is enough for you until you go to the moon and stay there for one hundred years. That book is enough for you. But many of you are reading everything and listening to every kind of music.  Someone else must say this to you so that I do not appear that I am praising myself. He must say, ‘Hey, listen to this music! Read these books; they are exceptional.’

“Who among you is going to stand up and say these things? You must say, ‘Challenge for Discipleship is so beautiful.’ Well, stand up and say it to others.

“ ‘But what will people think about me if I do that?’ This is it! Cowards! Talk about the Teaching that is given to you. Listen to the music. Throw out this trash that is around you, in your mind.

“You are saying, ‘You are my Teacher, you are my Teacher,’ but for twenty or thirty years, you never do what I say. What kind of Teacher is that? Everywhere people are taking their disciples to mediums where the mediums are reading their past lives and blessing them, etc. And at the end, they ask, ‘Do you know Torkom?’ ‘Of course! He is my Teacher.’ Shame on me that I am your Teacher.

“Do you see how they find the best way to kill their Teacher? As if I am a Teacher advising you to take people to mediums. This is their ‘love.’ They crucified their Teacher by saying to a medium, ‘T. is my Teacher.’ It is like saying, ‘I am the best gambler, and you know who my Teacher is? T.’ This is a very sneaky way to humiliate people and the Teaching.

“Personally, I do not say the Teaching is mine. The Teaching belongs to all of the Great Ones. This morning at 5:00 o’clock I was dreaming about someone and I said, ‘It is all Yours. I do not take any credit for any of it.’

“I am just a laborer. That is all. I am bringing the Teaching to you. If you like it, take it. If you do not like it, who cares?

“We must feel that these books, this music, these lectures, are expanding our consciousness. But of course, it is ‘freaking’ you sometimes. Why is this? Well, if there are elements within you that are creating friction with these kinds of energies, you will ‘freak out’ for a while. But if you come to your Teacher and say, ‘I am freaking. What can I do?’ he will say, ‘Stay here, and stand there, and this is it.’ Then you do it. If you do not respect and follow his advice, then you do not have a Teacher, and you do not have any Teaching.

“In the book, The Flame of Beauty, Culture,Love, and Joy, I said to follow the art objects of those people who are spiritually advanced, because they provide you with all those elements that are charged with Beauty and their Core. If you come in contact with Beauty, you will really change. Nicholas Roerich said, ‘In beauty we pray; in beauty we achieve; in beauty we conquer.’ We have been trying to conquer others with atomic bombs. Actually, we can conquer everything with beauty. Why is this? When you conquer the Core of man, everything is conquered.”

Torkom was and continues to be a true Teacher. He had a vision and he stayed with that vision to the end. I strive every day to be able to call him “my teacher”. Everything that we do at TSG is to honor this great man and great server of the Teaching.

We can honor Torkom by making sure that his legacy is kept alive and thriving, always.


Quotes from Torkom's lecture are excerpted from the soon to be published book titled Esoteric Science of Healing. Contact TSG Foundation for details.

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