Friday, December 13, 2013

9 - Eternal Memories

If you want to feel eternal love and joy for all your life’s experiences, things past and things enjoyed, keep it simple. These experiences are never lost and do not have to be a source of pain and sadness. Eternal love and joy flow from being inclusive and simple. All of our life’s’ experiences belong to the eternal now. In simplification and continuity, we experience our life in its continuous and harmonious beauty.

When we face a holiday, or celebration of any kind, we tend to remember things from our current perspective, as we are now. But the key to joyful memories is to remember the joys as we were then, and bring that joy forward without all the baggage attached to them. So, instead of thinking of Christmas past as we feel now, how it was and how it disappeared and people have left and so on, we can instead keep it simple and remember it as it was and is recorded without embellishments.

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