Wednesday, July 02, 2014

15 - How Joy Changed My Life ... Student Comments

Comments from the first online graduating class of Joy and Healing:

A group of people from around the world began The Joy and Healing Group study class November 2012 and completed all 18 lessons in June 2014. 

Each person emerged a different person than when they went in. Sure, there were times of stress, wanting to give up, and discouragement. People found how much they were entrenched in their pain patterns. But this small band of “Joy Bothers & Sisters” kept going and going. They managed to overcome their resistance to joy and became first class to graduate from our online course!
Here is what they said:
Monday, June 30, 2014

14 - Change Your Life With Joy and Healing

An online study group on Joy and Healing is now being formed and due to begin on July 12th.  If you want to bring real joy into your life, read on....

I recommend the class “Change Your Life with Joy and Healing” group study to everyone who is seriously ready to make a change in their life and wants to heal the emotional body. Joy and Healing work over a sustained period of time is the premier way to heal yourself from emotional anxieties and uncertainties.

Torkom first published the book Joy and Healing in 1987 after giving several seminars on joy and seeing firsthand the tremendous release of pain and suffering with each lecture and each joy exercise. His first-hand experience convinced him that the work of joy is key to our progress. His work proved itself over and over again in the work TSG has been doing over the years.

Joy is not logic and reasoning; it is the fire of spirit working itself in every fiber of your being, if you dare to release it.

People carry their emotional wounds and push them back into a dark corner of their life. They read, study, do meditation and somewhat succeed to cover up the pain and disillusion with life with smart sounding esoteric knowledge. But, no matter how many esoteric books they read or how many facts they know, they still have the story of hurt that they tell in numerous ways in their daily life. The mind cannot cover up a broken heart, wounded self-esteem, painful memories. Esoteric information cannot heal your emotions. Only Joy will heal you if you are willing to do the work daily.

You are never too old, too sophisticated, too esoterically advanced, or too smart for Joy. Everyone needs joy and we need to make it a lifelong commitment to learn it, teach it, and practice it until the end of our life.

In Joy, we overcome fear. In Joy, we heal and we gain power. With Joy we form the foundation of discipleship.

What does the work entail? 
Friday, June 06, 2014

13 - The Dark Night of the Soul

In spiritual traditions, we are often reminded that we, as human souls, go through a serious tension that is referred to as “the dark night of the soul.” This is when we feel that we are in utter darkness, and we see no way out of our current condition. It can be physically challenging, emotionally traumatic, mentally confusing, and overall, it can feel extremely serious and debilitating. We lose hope and faith, and have no sense that we can ever come out of it in one piece.

The good news is that it is temporary and it is an important part of our growth process. We as human beings do not know how to grow through joy, happiness, faith, and optimism. We often need a dose of heaviness to get us to learn anything in life.

We learn our lessons through pain and suffering. The day will come when we will learn our lessons in life through the release of joy. Until that happens, we need to learn how to handle that all too familiar “dark night….”

Monday, March 31, 2014

12 - A Mother’s Kiss

It is a simple card from a mother for her daughter’s birthday; it held my heart.

We do not have a “kissy-wissy-lovy-dovy” mother daughter kind of relationship, but we treat each other with respect and understanding. My mother is a mature woman of 89 years old and is very much alert and strong in every way.

She came to our home for a birthday dinner that I decided to cook for the immediate family, simple but elegant and she was quiet and subdued and sat next to me at the table, continuously raising her glass to me. We were both drinking apple cider, but nevertheless, saluting each other and saying happy birthday. She was saying this in such an unusual manner that I did not really understand at first. It was tender, soft, like a wink and “just as girls” kind of saying. Then I opened her card and I had to hold back a huge welling of tears for just the few words she had written in my card.
Tuesday, January 14, 2014

11 - Cultivating the Culture of the Heart

There is a beautiful meditation practice that I learned from my studies of the Ageless Wisdom. It helps differentiate between emotional, mental, and heart-known truths. It is designed to have us access our deep wisdom and verify it with reality and the principles that we hold most dear. It helps to remove cloudy thinking and mixed up memories, and to remove and fine-tune age-old beliefs that are no longer valid in today’s times. It is a method that filters, from our memory banks, the useful from the useless.

It is my experience that this practice can keep your brain and mind healthy and up to date. And, when done with consistency and especially at times when you feel confused and unsure about your decisions, this meditation practice will help you find clarity. Most importantly, this practice develops in you the culture of your heart, of developing the deep understanding of all of life’s happenings through the truth of the heart.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

10 - Rational Living — Esoterically Defined

What does it mean to live a rational life? Mundane definitions are predictable and fit into societal norms; the esoteric definition of rational living is something altogether different.

“Rationality is one of the faculties that develops when people persevere on the path of aspiration and striving….People lose their power of rationality when they lose the power of perseverance. They begin to act in a way in which you cannot see in them any rationality. Their actions and thoughts lose the path of reason, and irrationality controls them.” (Initiation,the Path of Living Service by Torkom Saraydarian, p. 19.)

Rational living means to make choices in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life that have positive, healthy, vibrant results. It means that our life choices are based on cause and effect and we see that whatever happens in our life is no accident, it has a cause somewhere and some place in time.
Desire rules most of our life. We can make list upon list of what we desire. Desire in itself does not produce results, so we cannot think that by virtue of desire, we have all that we want fulfilled.
When we put our heart into a desire, it means we are aspiring, we are actually moving toward taking some action that will result in an outcome that we want. So, for example, we have a desire to have a healthy and slim body. We can sit and desire it all we want but this will not give us a healthy and slim body. When we aspire to have a healthy and slim body, we start to search and learn how to bring about a healthy and slim body. We look into diets, exercise, join the gym, watch health shows on TV, and read the latest articles on health and wellness.

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