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11 - Cultivating the Culture of the Heart

There is a beautiful meditation practice that I learned from my studies of the Ageless Wisdom. It helps differentiate between emotional, mental, and heart-known truths. It is designed to have us access our deep wisdom and verify it with reality and the principles that we hold most dear. It helps to remove cloudy thinking and mixed up memories, and to remove and fine-tune age-old beliefs that are no longer valid in today’s times. It is a method that filters, from our memory banks, the useful from the useless.

It is my experience that this practice can keep your brain and mind healthy and up to date. And, when done with consistency and especially at times when you feel confused and unsure about your decisions, this meditation practice will help you find clarity. Most importantly, this practice develops in you the culture of your heart, of developing the deep understanding of all of life’s happenings through the truth of the heart.

In order to appreciate the beauty of this meditation practice, it is useful to have a basic understanding of some parts of our subtle makeup.  If we know about these tools and are willing to use them, we will be able to clarify everything that we think, remember, and feel. We will be able to subject our emotions and thoughts to rigorous questioning in light of our deepest wisdom and cherished truths.

Here is a brief outline of the Subtle Mechanism of the human being:

  1. Our physical body records everything that we experience, conscious and unconscious, in the “physical permanent atom.” The recordings are not discriminatory; every experience, true or not, real or not, get recorded. And, they remain for all eternity until they are sorted through and cleared.
  2. The emotional body records all the emotions that we experience in the “emotional permanent atom.” Emotions are not always in line with what is really going on around us; they are our perceptions of what we are feeling based on our expectations, experiences, and needs and desires. They are real for us, but not necessarily real in the larger context of life and nor real for all eternity. Emotions are subject to deceptive and misleading desires. Emotions are time and age relative. We may think we are right, we are entitled to something, and that whatever we are feeling is universally true for everyone involved with us. We may not see the whole truth, but selectively believe that what we are feeling is indeed the truth. The emotions as a whole cannot be counted on to be absolutely true because they are always clouded with our needs and desires, expectations and sensitivities and disappointments.
  3. Our mental body records everything that we think and learn, good-bad-indifferent, in our “mental permanent atom.” When we consider how the emotional, mental, and physical permanent atoms record everything in our life, is it any wonder that we are often depressed, confused, sad, and overwhelmed with data overload?
  4. The conscious level of the mind has a filter called the “mental unit.” It acts as the “truth filter.” It records all life experiences that you have understood, learned, and applied right now to your life. Everything that you learn is not necessarily applied in life. But, when you do apply it and it becomes a real experience for you, that experience and knowledge and wisdom is recorded in the mental unit. So, the mental unit contains only verified, practically applied, knowledge and experience.
  5. We also have the Solar Angel, the Guardian Angel, or Soul. It watches over us, guides us in all lifetimes until we reach real, spiritual maturity. The Solar Angel is sometimes referred to as the conscience, the barometer of eternal principles.
  6. We have a treasury inside of us that is the “Chalice.” In the Chalice we record, lifetime after lifetime, what we have learned to be truth, love, and life events and conditions worth sacrificing for. This truth, love, and sacrificial commitments no one can take away from us. This is a permanent part of us that shows the level of integrity and genuineness that we demonstrate inside and out. The Chalice is the birthplace of you as a soul. It is the seat of your heart. Whereas our physical, emotional, mental memories can be mixed with half-truths, our Chalice records only those life experiences that demonstrate qualities of undeniable love, truth, and sacrifice that are timeless, eternal.
How then do we access these recordings and, by doing so, clear out the mixed up memory banks of lifetimes? Here is a simple “seed thought” meditation. Do this for 5-10 minutes only every day, using one seed thought for one week.

Sample Meditation: The Meaning of Love *

Sit in a relaxed manner, on the floor or chair, with spine erect. Calm yourself and focus yourself. Do not drift off into sleep. This is active thinking meditation. Stay alert and keep your mind focused. Ask yourself the following questions in sequence. Ponder on each question briefly. If you cannot maintain your concentration with eyes closed, keep your eyes open and sequentially answer the questions.

  1. What are my physical experiences of love?
  2. What are my emotional experiences of love?
  3. What are my mental understandings of love?
  4. Go deeper. What is the meaning of love that I can access from my deepest wisdom?
  5. Are all the ways that I have felt, thought about, and experienced love true now? In light of what I am now, are these true and valid now as they were in the past?
  6. Go deeper once again and ask for guidance from your Solar Angel: What is the best way for me to think about the meaning of love right now in my life?
  7. After 5-10 minutes, open your eyes and write your answers to these questions. It is essential that you write your thoughts in order to complete the cycle.
Use one seed thought or keynote for one week. But do not think and write the same thing each time. Go deeper each time; find a new angle to understand the keynote.

You may answer the questions all in one session, or answer one question each day. Write your insights after each meditation session. When you feel you cannot go further, read your notes and see what you have found is the true meaning of love in your life right now. You will see how the deeply comprehended, verified, and updated meaning of love compares with your past experiences, with your emotions, with your intellect.

What you will find is the wisdom of your heart. The heart always knows. The heart forms the core of the Chalice. The heart always sees the discrepancies. But we do not listen to our hearts nor validate its wisdom. We confuse our heart with our emotions. Only through serious questioning, going through the step by step process of learning to access your wisdom and verify it with the reality of your mature understanding, can you find the truth that your heart always knew! You may be surprised at your discoveries.

This is my gift to you for 2014. Find the voice of your heart, develop the culture of the heart in all that you do.


* This meditation was created by Gita Saraydarian to be used during group meditations and seminars. It may be done individually with eyes open or closed. The key is to remain alert and focused and keep in your mind each layer of thinking and discovery. It is also essential to memorialize in writing all your thoughts and findings after each meditation practice. This practice completes the cycle of meditation and helps you bring your thoughts into actuality. Any virtue that you wish to understand more deeply may be used as a “seed thought”. For example, use beauty, goodness, righteousness, joy, freedom, sacrifice, kindness, and so on as seed thoughts.
For a list of virtues to use for meditation, see also The Psyche and Psychism by Torkom Saraydarian.

Gita Saraydarian is the Founder and President of TSG Foundation and the TSG Spiritual University. The information and meditation in this article is extracted from Stepping Into the Teaching continuing classes presented monthly at TSG. Distance learning is available. For current schedule visit TSG Calendar of Events.  Classes are recorded and available in multiple platforms.


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' such beauty '
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I am grateful for all the beautiful 'words' 'seed thoughts.
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Thoughfully, RHK-'rosebud2012'

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