Monday, March 31, 2014

12 - A Mother’s Kiss

It is a simple card from a mother for her daughter’s birthday; it held my heart.

We do not have a “kissy-wissy-lovy-dovy” mother daughter kind of relationship, but we treat each other with respect and understanding. My mother is a mature woman of 89 years old and is very much alert and strong in every way.

She came to our home for a birthday dinner that I decided to cook for the immediate family, simple but elegant and she was quiet and subdued and sat next to me at the table, continuously raising her glass to me. We were both drinking apple cider, but nevertheless, saluting each other and saying happy birthday. She was saying this in such an unusual manner that I did not really understand at first. It was tender, soft, like a wink and “just as girls” kind of saying. Then I opened her card and I had to hold back a huge welling of tears for just the few words she had written in my card.

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