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15 - How Joy Changed My Life ... Student Comments

Comments from the first online graduating class of Joy and Healing:

A group of people from around the world began The Joy and Healing Group study class November 2012 and completed all 18 lessons in June 2014. 

Each person emerged a different person than when they went in. Sure, there were times of stress, wanting to give up, and discouragement. People found how much they were entrenched in their pain patterns. But this small band of “Joy Bothers & Sisters” kept going and going. They managed to overcome their resistance to joy and became first class to graduate from our online course!
Here is what they said:

·        I have learned so much reading this book and thank you for all you have done by encouraging us in every way.
·        The most important insight for me was that it is much better (or the only way?) to remember in every situation joy and love than anything else. It helps being soul-centered and positive. And it helps to see a bigger picture.
 ·        The most impressing part for me is the story of Torkom’s Father at the beginning of the book; how he acted in the situation when they closed his pharmacy. I often remember this great example of a joyful person.   
·        My focus is more on the beauty of the world now. Also I´m more positive generally and remember to be joyful. Not always with success, but more often. 
·        It was a great joy for me to be part of this group. Meditating with others is easier and more fun than alone. Alone I never had managed to meditate and be so constant and to do all these exercises. It was very interesting and sometimes touching to read your reports every month. Often I wanted to quit the group when I had to write my report. It was really challenging to write about deep insights in a foreign language. It is difficult for me to find the right words even in German, so every month it was a little struggle to report. Now I´m proud having persevered. (Oops! pride – the 11th obstacle!) 
·        Your responses Gita for all of us were always uplifting and inspiring. Thank you so much. 
·        The Mantrams at the beginning and at the end of our meditation were very important for me. I used the” More Radiant than the Sun…” often during the day. It helped me in several difficult situations. I loved the closing Mantram, too and all the ones that were assigned. They revealed for me amongst others that our meditation group is more than personal development.  
·        After the closing Mantram “My Lord, Thank you for the joy of living today in the spirit of beauty, goodness, and righteousness. …” I often sat a little bit longer and visualized how joy, love and light reaches the people all over the world. It showed me as well, that the more joy I am, the more I am connected to my inner core and God. Thank you Gita for giving us those beautiful Mantrams. 
·        Dear all of you — thank you so much for this wonderful time together, taking care, being joyful. 
·        For the first time in my life I managed to stay on the schedule and to meditate regularly (nearly) each day for such a long time. This helps me to trust in myself more and to develop a kind of discipline. 
·        I notice that my everyday interaction with others is many more understanding, tolerant and less critical.    I am looking in a different way at situations, I am looking for the beauty in my life and I am much more grateful for all the things I am blessed with. 
·        I want to thank all of you for this wonderful group work and for your reports which I enjoyed very much. And of course I want to thank you Gita and Tonia for your responses to all of our reports and your steady motivation to keep on keeping on.
·        When one asks questions and is provided with an answer, it gives them a sense of achievement and therefore increases their level of self-confidence. I feel that Torkom is very much alive through his books and his memory lives on.
·        I feel that what is the most important lesson for me has been to draw daily on the tools and pointers taught here to continually re-focus on joy, wholeness, healing, love and what is actually true beyond the programs of the personality/ego. 
·        I thank you Gita from the bottom of my heart for all you have given us throughout these past 18 months. The time and energy spent reading our summaries, and kindly encouraging us to keep going further has been invaluable. I will continue this practice, for it is a lifelong practice, of waking up to the truth of who I am. 
·        I feel sad that this is the end of our joy and healing journey together, but I also feel joyful because it has increased my joy so much and it has been such a wonderfully, beautiful, connecting experience for me.
·        If I have learned anything over these last 18 months it is that life is a great mystery. It is filled with Beauty and hope. I've never seen this so clearly as in these last 18 months. I have experienced moments of such joy I did not even know they existed. I feel enchanted by life... I've slowly been opening up to it. To be here willingly and intently. I've been slowly opening up to joy as well. I remember in the beginning it was very difficult for me to remember moments of joy from my childhood. There was a huge blockage for me doing these exercises. I remember this dissolving slowly... 
·        I've become more joyful. Whenever I missed a few days and I came back to this work, it felt like coming Home. I would not notice my own increasing depression until I started doing the work and I felt the relief of joy. It's a beautiful substance and I am so glad to have the opportunity to invite it into my life. I am also deeply, deeply grateful for how this course helped me establish a connection to my Solar Angel. 
·        Thank you everyone, for doing this work with me. For giving me support. I've felt your presence with me. Thank you Gita for making this course available and guiding us towards greater happiness, joy and healing. I very much appreciated this beautiful experience. Thank you all very much
·        These 18 months really helped me in understanding what I call it the “game” theory: When we were kids (but also as adults sometimes) and we started playing a game we already know that there would be obstacles, enemies, difficulties and eventually in some cases the final “monster” in order to pass to the next level of the game. I am now more and more taking life like that… When I incarnated I “inserted the coin” to this life-game and now… no surprise that all I expected when I decided to start this game is happening! Just take it with Joy and put all the virtues at work to win the game. But if I fail… well.. I have so many “coins” that soon I’ll win! 
·        Joy is really a key for success in our lives, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 
·        I am so happy to have been part of this Joy family! I have been so much enriched by your reports and thoughts. 
·        Thanks so much to all, and thanks SOOOOOO MUCH to you Gita! Your feedbacks, your encouragements (and your patience with all my delays) were very inspiring and nourishing. 
·        Thanks to all for your sharing, thanks for your reading and being now part of my life.
·        Loads of Love and Loads of blessings to all. 
·        Much gratitude, respect and love to you Gita


- If you live near the TSG Center, you may attend classes in person. Ongoing monthly joy classes take place the second Monday of each month. See our Events Calendar for details for each month.
- Online group study will begin work on July 12, 2014.
- Students 18 years of age and older are eligible, no upper age limit!
- If you cannot afford the full tuition, let us know. After committing to three classes, we will match the three classes with a scholarship for three additional classes. We want you to enjoy Joy and Healing and not let anything stand in your way.
- Order book Joy and Healing from TSG Website.


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