Monday, December 21, 2015

17 - What Would You Ask From Christ?

From the Tiniest Acorn Grown the Mightiest Oak....

The Ageless Wisdom Teachings tell us that the Lord Christ contacts humanity on seven specific occasions. These are times that a deliberate attempt is made by Christ to connect to us, to have us hear Him and respond to him.

These times are:

  1. When we are baptized.
  2. When we receive Holy Communion.
  3. At the time of Wesak.
  4. Every Full Moon, when the Sun is in direct alignment with Earth.
  5. Every Saturday night.
  6. Every sunset.
  7. Every midnight on Christmas Eve.
This year, we are aligned to receive the blessings of Christ three out of the seven occasions mentioned above: 

Christmas Eve, the full moon is early Christmas day, and when millions of people receive Holy Communion on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year, 2015, can be a special year and a turning point in our life. 

How can we connect to that energy point of the Universe and find clarity and answers to our inner yearnings?
Wednesday, December 16, 2015

16 - Hello once again…Continuing the work

After so many, many months of not writing a blog, I am ready to share my thoughts and activities with you ….

What have I been doing all this time? Here is a brief summary:

After my last blog post, midway in 2014, I felt the time had come to give our publishing work a little bit bigger push. I wanted to be sure to get all of Torkom’s unpublished manuscripts completed and printed in my lifetime. I designated the publishing and archiving portion of our work as part of “phase one.” I cleared my desk and, among other activities, shelved my blogging activities.

By December, 2014, I had a plan and I shared those plans with our supporters and patrons. I asked for financial support. The response was generous and beautiful. As the support came in, our publishing activities increased and we released 5 books in 2015 and began work on next year’s releases. The increased flurry of activities further postponed my blog activities!

Then, I had to look ahead and ask myself “What else needs to be done?” I realized we faced a very important step for TSG to take: In order to make sure we have continuity into the future, we needed to plan for a permanent and sustainable TSG Center. So, I took a deep breath and dedicated most of this year to make a plan and articulate a change in the flow and focus of the work. I had to move from a focus on publishing to a focus of something far more expansive and demanding.

I wrote out my plans and you are welcome to read my report online. Here is a link: 2015 End of the Year Report.

Now with the end of the year coming close, I want to say how grateful I am for the warm and generous support of family, friends, and co-workers. What a great year this has been! Five more books printed, seminars expanded, YouTube videos posted, and much more.

Thank you for your interests in my blog posts. I plan to stay a little bit more engaged from here on and I look forward in continuing my communications with you and sharing my thoughts.

I want to extend greetings to each of you and hope this year has brought you great joy and wisdom. I wish you a blessed Christmas, joyful New Year, and Happy Holidays.

Looking forward to the New Year and looking forward to hearing from you.
With appreciation,

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