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17 - What Would You Ask From Christ?

From the Tiniest Acorn Grown the Mightiest Oak....

The Ageless Wisdom Teachings tell us that the Lord Christ contacts humanity on seven specific occasions. These are times that a deliberate attempt is made by Christ to connect to us, to have us hear Him and respond to him.

These times are:

  1. When we are baptized.
  2. When we receive Holy Communion.
  3. At the time of Wesak.
  4. Every Full Moon, when the Sun is in direct alignment with Earth.
  5. Every Saturday night.
  6. Every sunset.
  7. Every midnight on Christmas Eve.
This year, we are aligned to receive the blessings of Christ three out of the seven occasions mentioned above: 

Christmas Eve, the full moon is early Christmas day, and when millions of people receive Holy Communion on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year, 2015, can be a special year and a turning point in our life. 

How can we connect to that energy point of the Universe and find clarity and answers to our inner yearnings?

What I consider to be a good approach to this holy period is to find a period of silence, an inner silence where several conditions are met:

  • You are not talking out loud.
  • You are not talking in your mind.
  • Your mind is not wondering all over the place.
  • Your emotions are quiet and your body is at rest.
  • Your mind is open and receptive to guidance; you are not blank but are poised to ask and listen.
  • Your mind is free of the grooves of the past, the default positions, the old tired methods. You are looking ahead and not backwards.
  • You have identified areas in your life that need clarity and fresh insight.
This means the lines of communication are open and I have no prejudices and self-centered expectations.

So, I asked myself, “What then do I want to hear from Christ?” Well, it depends on what I ask from Him. So, I asked myself, “If I came face to face with Christ, what would I ask of him?”

I made a list; then I made another list; then I made another list. They all seemed so petty and silly. Why would I ask Christ to save humanity, to bring sense into us, to clean our hearts, to end terrorism and anger and hatred toward each other, to end religious wars, to end suffering and religious and sectarian fanaticism, and so on and so on.

Then I thought, why not ask to give us all continuity of consciousness, ability to travel the Higher Worlds, and really see and appreciate the big picture of all of life. Silly girl, I thought, what good are these abilities if we do not earn them through our own efforts? Scratch that one too.

Then I thought, how petty is it that I would expect someone to be always at my beck and call? Does Christ have nothing else to do but to wait for questions and then answer them? If you ask for quick fixes, it is like running to Dad and asking him to fix our life. Why would any father fix our life; we need to learn to do it. We are adults now. Why would we bother Christ with these?

Perhaps the question is: “Please Lord, be patient with us as we learn how to be real human beings.” That is silly too. Christ is patient, eternally patient; He already is. Can you imagine how patient a Great One must be to stay with humanity and continue to guide us?

What is there that He did not already tell us, teach us? If we want guidance, then all we have to do is to get into the life stream of the Teachings of Christ and just listen. Read the Holy Books of all religions and the Wisdom of the Cosmic Christ is there. Ask to open our hearts and our minds so we can discern the real question inside of us, so that we can discern what the true answer is.

All we have to do is go into a deep solitude, be ready to hear, and just listen. The Christ will speak and you will be able to hear just what you need to hear at this time. He is near and is speaking to all of humanity at this time. Christ is not a religion, but Cosmic and universal.

Try to be in solitude. Take time to quiet the mind, the emotions. Find out what you really want in life and what you really need to ask. What do you want to hear at this time?

“Lord, will humanity grow up? Is there hope for us?” I could almost hear Him say, “Yes, indeed; see the evidence all around you. Open your eyes. Spread this message of hope.” From that little acorn of hope, will grow tall, stalwart trees.

Every year we celebrate the birth of Christ and, if we take it seriously, it will be as precious as that newborn child in your family. He or she is open-eyed and full of wonder and expectation of a life full of blessings. We give Christ the opportunity to take birth in us if we remember the hope and positive affirmation of life that He bestowed on us. I would think that is all I need to hear from Him and that should give me the ability to understand the human condition and equally my condition!

"Christ in you, the hope of Glory." That is what we need to remember for each other, to be reminded.

A blessed Christmas to you and yours. May the blessings of the Holy Ones fill your life with insights to help you become joyful, creative, prosperous, and healthy. Be patient and have faith. The future is already unfolding.


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Debbie M. said...

Wonderful Gita! I love the honesty in your questioning. This blog is such a good reminder for us to clarify the meaning of Christ in our lives. Thank you for such a timely reminder!

santhosh kumar Adepu said...

It is so great to seen your post....thanks a lot....when I am reading this page....I seen my self in this dialogs...Thanks a lot....have a happy ,joyful, creative, prosperous Christmas to you and yours....

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