Friday, July 29, 2016

25 - Torkom's Work Ethics

I was looking over my many notebooks and came across some notes that I had taken back in August 19, 1993 from a group meeting conducted by Torkom. He was giving us advice for success. I find his instructions timely and important. These are simple rules that Torkom followed his entire life. When followed, they simplify life and help me have faith, hope, and the trust in the future. Here are some of the things that he said that you may find useful in your life.

The Teachings used by me [Torkom] are for success, which means happiness, health, joy, continuity, and abundance. Here are 15 ways that success is a sure outcome:

1. All that he does for the group is the best work that he can do. 

2. He dedicates all that he does for the Hierarchy of Great Ones, the Highest that he can. What do you do that demands the best from you? Find it, give the best to others. This forms the “crown” of your head. 

3. He puts all his “capital” into his work without holding anything back: his family, his money, his body, his talents and abilities; all are great factors for success. Otherwise, you ruin yourself with halfhearted attempts. Think: you are His soldier. If you are halfhearted, doubtful, you cannot make it. 
Saturday, July 09, 2016

24 - Meditation on God

“In this age we must expand our understanding of the word God.” *

I meditated on God and my universe expanded. My heart became more peaceful; my mind serene.

There is no human being on earth who does not ever ask about God.

God is unfathomable; yet we try. So why ponder on the imponderable?

Because we get parochial otherwise; we want only our “God” to be the one. This creates separatism and shrinks our mind, our world. We do not see other possibilities and views. Our consciousness shrinks. A shrinking consciousness then identifies a turf — then works to protect it — creating ideologies to buttress the view, and then takes action preemptively. Slowly our soul shrinks and we create a space for evil to take root. When the soul shrinks further, we lose our divine connection; evil has free play. Evil does not just come and sit inside of us; we invite it by commission or omission. Then we identify us vs. them; we then make “them” less than us, less human. We see the world as limited.  Less than “us” therefore creates a philosophy of not deserving the privileges and opportunities that we feel we have a right to have. This fractures our inherent moral fiber and we disconnect further from our soul. Then evil takes root ever more deeply and eventually the soul is kicked out; the elementals are in charge. We blame others, the "them” for all our troubles.  It is a predictable death march after that; it will end in death because evil cannot triumph for long; the elementals will return to earth. Evil goes down and takes its body with it. But it is always ready to reactivate itself. Until we “seal the door where evil dwells” it will wait for opportunities to rise up.  We certainly provide many such opportunities.

Have you pondered on the meaning of God?

What are our “Gods”?  Our religious definitions and exclusive identities and opinions are on the top of the list. Then we have our positions, diplomas, special
Saturday, June 11, 2016

23 - Permanent and Impermanent

My Father is a permanent part of my life!

As we plan to launch our TSG Fundraising for our permanent TSG Center,  I sense the energy of continuity in the work that I do. I see it in context of something larger than myself. What we do, what I do, matters. What Torkom wrote and exemplified matters. What comes after us matters. What we do to make the future a continuity matters. There is both permanence and impermanence in life; we have to make wise choices as we let the energy flow in permanence.

It is easy to serve for a minute; continuity is much harder.

It is easy to love and give for one minute; continuous loving and sacrifice is much harder.

Permanency, continuity, takes courage and faith. The courage to continue without seeing the accomplished goal. The faith in knowing the mystery eventually becomes material. There is a courage and faith beyond words and beyond tangible life. Their reality is in the intangible and this reality is felt deep in our hearts.

I work daily, for 29 years, non-stop. I believe in what I do. I believe in the good that I help happen. I believe in the Teaching and its great principles that inform the lives of all who love and cherish life. I see the continuity of these traditions in all cultures and faiths. Yes, humans distort and impose. Humans hate and become racists and bigots. Humans kill and starve people. Humans close their eyes when hatemongers ply their trade. But, humans also love, save, help, uplift, heal, and sacrifice for others. Humans impact life in myriad ways, every minute of our lives.

Monday, June 06, 2016

22 - Gemini Full Moons

In Wisdom of the Zodiac, we are guided to take a few minutes every month and meditate and send blessings when the sun aligns with a Zodiacal sign.

This is a very beautiful practice. It helps us be mindful of the life around us that is bigger than us. It puts our own life into perspective and reminds us of the beauties and wonders of the universe. In linking with something larger than us, we give meaning to the daily contacts that we have. Our friends, our family, our work associates are all part of the universe. There is a holistic understanding of what is going on around us and it is not limited by the news we read, or the agonies of daily life.

This year, 2016, we have two Gemini full moons; in May and in June. The complete meditation has been recorded in two parts and you are welcome to use one or both.

Take some time off your busy schedule. Sit quietly and go through the meditation. Breathe deeply and become part of the universe. Feel the life around you. Share your blessings.

The Gemini full moon inspires us to release the hidden beauties in us and bless the world around us with our creative work.  I welcome you to view both videos.

(Below are links to the videos on YouTube. If you do not see links, click on "Gita's blog" on the bottom of the page and you will see the video link.)

Part one is here:

Part two is here:



Based on the Wisdom of theZodiac, Volume 1, by .Torkom Saraydarian,

Gita Saraydarian is the Founder and President of TSGFoundation and TSG Spiritual University. Monthly Wisdom of the Zodiac lesson and meditation are available free on YouTube. Aries 2016 is now available.

The 4-volume set of Wisdom of the Zodiac by Torkom Saraydarian is available online.

The 4-volume set of Teachings of Christ by Torkom Saraydarian is available online.
Friday, April 15, 2016

21 - The Process of Renewal


Every year at this time, spiritual people from all around the world celebrate what is often referred to as Wesak, or the Festival of Buddha. The Festival coincides with the Full Moon of Taurus, or when the Sun is in Taurus. This most often falls in May, but at times, it falls in April, as it will this year.

I like this Festival, because the key ingredient is “contact.” Contact is what human beings most want in their lives. We want to contact our loved ones, our pets, our friends. Note social media and how many people all over the world make contact with each other. Old and young, we like contact. There is no life without contact.

In the spiritual realms, contact means to connect with the essence within us and within nature. We have a thirst for this contact inherent in us. Every person who is beyond survival mode wants to know what is beyond the life. So, we seek cultural explanations, religious explanations, and spiritual explanations. We ponder denial and we ponder possibilities. But we keep on asking and seeking.

Why do we seek and ask? It is because we sense a need for renewal. We want change and we know that change means life, means solved problems, means to see a new way of life and new meaning. So, renewal is important to us as human beings. We do not keep our children in the same habits, nor do we want ourselves trapped in the same habits. We want renewal.

How then to find the path of renewal? Take nine days, and each day, ponder on one of the questions given below. Think and write your findings. Here they are, taken from Torkom Saraydarian's  Wisdom of The Zodiac, Volume 1:

Monday, March 21, 2016

20 - Resurrect Our Collective Spirit - Easter and Aries

Below, you will see two YouTube links for brief presentations on Easter and Aries Full Moon.

In the esoteric wisdom Teachings, the spiritual New Year begins with the Aries full moon. When the Sun is aligned with the Aries Constellation, the New Year begins. This coincides with the onset of Spring and all the energy that we feel in the process of new growth. The potential for new growth and new beginnings is never better than at this time of the year.

Aries also is related to the celebration of Easter. Easter is a major holy day for Christians around the world. As a child, I remember Easter as the foremost holy day in our family celebrations. The holiday began the Sunday before Easter with the celebration of Palm Sunday. My mother collected flowers from her garden and the neighbor’s garden. I still remember the pink roses we collected from our neighbor’s yard. If Easter was early, the weather not quite warm, the roses would not be in full bloom. If Easter was later in the year, the roses may be wilted by the heat. It was always a tug at us to find just the right colors and right blooms from our garden and the neighbor’s garden to decorate with. Mom would buy palm leaves for each of us, as tall as each of us. The leaves were woven into beautiful little pockets that would hold flowers. She would tuck bunches of flowers into the woven palm leaves. The stem would be tied with a satin ribbon and off we went to Church. We rode the bus and walked and joined the congregation to celebrate Palm Sunday. The next Sunday, we arose early, put on new clothes that Mom made for us and again made the trek to Church in the next town. Our treat after Church were circular, crunchy, sesame covered breads purchased from a vendor just outside the Church. This was the treat we had on the bus home. We walked, rode the bus, walked home and ate our lunch, cracked colored eggs, and had a great time. By the way, the eggs were colored with onion skins into silky deep earth colors, daisy flowers created bright yellow colored eggs, various leaves created green colored eggs!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

19 - Growing New Branches

Dear Friends:

I would like to share with you a beautiful opportunity that has been given to me personally and to my work: A wonderful Challenge Grant has been offered to fund a permanent home for TSG!

As anyone who has founded a non-profit organization knows, the most challenging part of the work is to have continuity and financial support to see that initial impulse actualized. It is easy to dream big and make plans; it is another to see the dreams and plans actualized.

At every turn in my career in building TSG Foundation, I had to put my dreams into practical projects. I wanted to inspire people to see life as an open system where so much is possible. I wanted to inspire people to take steps to change their lives for the better.

For this, financial resources have been and are always the essential ingredient. Without finances, no amount of dreaming and planning gets off the ground. 

I have been truly lucky. At every juncture when the need was truly great, someone stepped up and offered a helping hand to get us to the next point. This has taken us through 28 years of continuous work. Whenever I felt I was against the wall, I had to put aside my fears and doubts, renew my faith in the Teaching, and reset my faith and optimism and, be patient. The help would come at just the right time and when I least expected it.

Last year was a pivotal year for us. We raised the funds to publish the remainder of Torkom's beautiful Teachings and you can see how many wonderful, useful, insightful books we have released last year alone! 

This year, we have to move toward finding a permanent TSG Center. Imagine, I began this work with a wish and a dream in my own bedroom. Slowly, as the years went by, the bedroom became two rooms, then a part of a house, then a garage, and now a private home dedicated to this work. Now, we have the opportunity to get to the next point: a permanent home.

A helping hand has been extended to us in the form of a Challenge Grant. But I also need your help and support. Please read my entire letter outlining where we are and what we need. See the link below. I promise you it is detailed, but only two pages! Please read it, let me know how you can help. Help me spread the Teaching far and wide. Spread the word and share my letter with anyone who is interested. Together we can spread the Teaching in ways I never imagined when I first started. 

Thank you, and sending all of you the love and joy of new beginnings.


Matching Gift Challenge Letter from Gita Saraydarian: 2016

Monday, January 04, 2016

18 - Remembering Torkom on January 5th

Nineteen years ago, on January 5th, 1997, my Father passed away. Life was never going to be the same from that moment on.

As the years fade away, life is more and more simple and steady. I sense the one sound that reverberates in my life. I see the distance I have traveled, the continuous waves, coming and going. I remember this day. The pain of loss was heavy, but slowly, it passed and passed. What I remember now is his greatness, his gifts to humanity, his deep and sensitive insights, and most of all, his deep love for all people. He saw who we are and steadily held a transformative image of us in his heart. The heart of the true warrior of light is mighty; it protects all who come near it.

I love Dad’s poems; they present a person I did not readily see at the time. What people see in us is not what we are truly. But, if we have someone who is able to see into our souls and see the true person we are, then that is a magnet we can rely on. That will be the light that guides us. Poetry reveals a hidden side of us and lays it out for all to see, without apology. I would like to share a poem with you here.

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