Monday, January 04, 2016

18 - Remembering Torkom on January 5th

Nineteen years ago, on January 5th, 1997, my Father passed away. Life was never going to be the same from that moment on.

As the years fade away, life is more and more simple and steady. I sense the one sound that reverberates in my life. I see the distance I have traveled, the continuous waves, coming and going. I remember this day. The pain of loss was heavy, but slowly, it passed and passed. What I remember now is his greatness, his gifts to humanity, his deep and sensitive insights, and most of all, his deep love for all people. He saw who we are and steadily held a transformative image of us in his heart. The heart of the true warrior of light is mighty; it protects all who come near it.

I love Dad’s poems; they present a person I did not readily see at the time. What people see in us is not what we are truly. But, if we have someone who is able to see into our souls and see the true person we are, then that is a magnet we can rely on. That will be the light that guides us. Poetry reveals a hidden side of us and lays it out for all to see, without apology. I would like to share a poem with you here.

Let us hold beauty and freedom in our hearts for each other. We can hope that by holding this image, the other can then rely on that steady heart to guide his or her steps.

As I read these words over and over again, I gain more courage to travel toward that light. I know someone is holding a steady image for me. Life is full of possibilities and is a wide open system, waiting to be defined.

May you sail enthusiastically into new, uncharted waters without fear or worry.

Happy New Year 2016

“For You” 
By Torkom Saraydarian

I am now able
To see
What you are,
To see
Under what pressures
And forces
Your mechanism
Is running.

I am able
To hold a vision
For you
In my soul
And leave it there
As a magnet
For your steps.
This magnet
In my soul
Will provide
For you
All the inspiration
And courage
You will need
In the future
To transcend yourself.

I will not
Limit your
Nor plan for your steps,
But I will
Provide for you
An anchorage
For inspiration
And challenge
The agitation and storm
Of your ocean
is over, 
The echoes of your deeds
Fade away,
Until the shadows
In your mind
Clear away.

Then the magnet
Of my heart
For you
Will turn into
A distant call
To open your sails
And direct your steps
Toward the open seas.
- Gita Saraydarian is the Founder and President of TSG Foundation and TSG Spiritual University.
From My Heart, Volume 1 is available directly from TSG Foundation.
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Idna Wudtke said...

Dear Gita, thank you for this beautiful and loving memory of yor father. I didn't know him in person, but your love and gratefulness toward him draws a picture in my heart and inspires me to consciously create the time remained with my father, too.
Thank you for being such an uplifting inspiration.
I wish you a blissful New Year.

Lou Schwartz said...

how beautiful...thank you for his message of hope and inspiration. Much gratitude to Torkom - and to you for continuing the tradition of the Ageless Wisdom teaching.

Unknown said...

Well thought of and a great vision, only a Master could conceive ,not only for gita mam but for entire humanity.

sai nandan reddy said...

Well thought of and a great vision,only a Master could conceive,intended to be given not only for Gita mam but also for the entire humanity. Blessed to be his pupil.

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