Wednesday, February 10, 2016

19 - Growing New Branches

Dear Friends:

I would like to share with you a beautiful opportunity that has been given to me personally and to my work: A wonderful Challenge Grant has been offered to fund a permanent home for TSG!

As anyone who has founded a non-profit organization knows, the most challenging part of the work is to have continuity and financial support to see that initial impulse actualized. It is easy to dream big and make plans; it is another to see the dreams and plans actualized.

At every turn in my career in building TSG Foundation, I had to put my dreams into practical projects. I wanted to inspire people to see life as an open system where so much is possible. I wanted to inspire people to take steps to change their lives for the better.

For this, financial resources have been and are always the essential ingredient. Without finances, no amount of dreaming and planning gets off the ground. 

I have been truly lucky. At every juncture when the need was truly great, someone stepped up and offered a helping hand to get us to the next point. This has taken us through 28 years of continuous work. Whenever I felt I was against the wall, I had to put aside my fears and doubts, renew my faith in the Teaching, and reset my faith and optimism and, be patient. The help would come at just the right time and when I least expected it.

Last year was a pivotal year for us. We raised the funds to publish the remainder of Torkom's beautiful Teachings and you can see how many wonderful, useful, insightful books we have released last year alone! 

This year, we have to move toward finding a permanent TSG Center. Imagine, I began this work with a wish and a dream in my own bedroom. Slowly, as the years went by, the bedroom became two rooms, then a part of a house, then a garage, and now a private home dedicated to this work. Now, we have the opportunity to get to the next point: a permanent home.

A helping hand has been extended to us in the form of a Challenge Grant. But I also need your help and support. Please read my entire letter outlining where we are and what we need. See the link below. I promise you it is detailed, but only two pages! Please read it, let me know how you can help. Help me spread the Teaching far and wide. Spread the word and share my letter with anyone who is interested. Together we can spread the Teaching in ways I never imagined when I first started. 

Thank you, and sending all of you the love and joy of new beginnings.


Matching Gift Challenge Letter from Gita Saraydarian: 2016


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