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20 - Resurrect Our Collective Spirit - Easter and Aries

Below, you will see two YouTube links for brief presentations on Easter and Aries Full Moon.

In the esoteric wisdom Teachings, the spiritual New Year begins with the Aries full moon. When the Sun is aligned with the Aries Constellation, the New Year begins. This coincides with the onset of Spring and all the energy that we feel in the process of new growth. The potential for new growth and new beginnings is never better than at this time of the year.

Aries also is related to the celebration of Easter. Easter is a major holy day for Christians around the world. As a child, I remember Easter as the foremost holy day in our family celebrations. The holiday began the Sunday before Easter with the celebration of Palm Sunday. My mother collected flowers from her garden and the neighbor’s garden. I still remember the pink roses we collected from our neighbor’s yard. If Easter was early, the weather not quite warm, the roses would not be in full bloom. If Easter was later in the year, the roses may be wilted by the heat. It was always a tug at us to find just the right colors and right blooms from our garden and the neighbor’s garden to decorate with. Mom would buy palm leaves for each of us, as tall as each of us. The leaves were woven into beautiful little pockets that would hold flowers. She would tuck bunches of flowers into the woven palm leaves. The stem would be tied with a satin ribbon and off we went to Church. We rode the bus and walked and joined the congregation to celebrate Palm Sunday. The next Sunday, we arose early, put on new clothes that Mom made for us and again made the trek to Church in the next town. Our treat after Church were circular, crunchy, sesame covered breads purchased from a vendor just outside the Church. This was the treat we had on the bus home. We walked, rode the bus, walked home and ate our lunch, cracked colored eggs, and had a great time. By the way, the eggs were colored with onion skins into silky deep earth colors, daisy flowers created bright yellow colored eggs, various leaves created green colored eggs!

We lived side by side with people of different religions and nationalities in safety and security. The Middle East of my childhood is no longer there, alas, changed into fanaticism and sectarianism and unbelievable cruelties against human beings. Yet, people still celebrate Easter and throng the streets and Churches in joyous hope and faith. People have found a way to live side by side with violence and mayhem. Could we go on doing the same things, year after year, and expect different results?
As we celebrate Palm Sunday, Aries, and Easter and contemplate the deeper meanings of resurrection and renewal, of hope and faith in new possibilities, I wonder how to manage the dichotomy of the violence and extremism in much of the world versus the message of hope, faith, and future visions that are given by religions and spiritual traditions. How can we, people of faith and hope, bring out the meaning of these traditions and have them inform what we do in our lives? Are these traditions and celebrations just another yawner of bygone eras and silly spirituality? Or, is there something in these observances that make us more human and less belligerent in our daily life choices?

“The Aries full moon is related to the resurrection of the life that is in every form. We are advised to start the annual process of resurrecting our nature at this full moon. At this time, we try to resurrect our spirit from materialism, separatism, and many kinds of attachments and identifications. We try to focus ourselves within our True Self.” 1

We cannot change our life, our old patterns, and the results we see in every place in our life without changing the very foundation of our actions, thoughts, and feelings. As long as our spirit is engulfed in hatred and separatism, we cannot change the results. As long as our spirit is imprisoned in selfish desires and materialism gone berserk, we cannot change the results. All that we do in religious and spiritual traditions of any kind are simple platitudes if we are unable to change the foundation. The Teaching says to resurrect the spirit. Do we even know what that is in us? We are so attached to materiality that we forget we are a spark of God, we are the spark of divinity; everyone is! God does not have a religious identity. God does not side with one religion or another. We can use our religious and spiritual traditions to release and resurrect the spirit in us if we really understand them. When we understand the underlying spirit in our traditions, we will be able to see that they exist to free us irrespective of the frozen ways we have come to understand them.  Then all our actions can be informed by a release rather than imprisonment. That to me is the message of Aries, the resurrection of Christ, and the celebration of Easter. When the foundation is changed, the rest of our life will emerge in a new way, a new consciousness, and on a new platform.

Is it time for every person of faith and hope to demonstrate the spirit in our daily life? Is it time for every person of any faith to renounce hatred and separatism from our daily life? Can we all stand together, regardless of our faith and spirituality, and stand for the spirit that unites all of us? As individuals release the imprisoned spirit, we hope also that religious groups and nations do the same. This cannot come about without true leadership. Religious leaders and political leaders especially have a duty to help release and resurrect the spirit. We can only hope and pray for leaders to do this.

Start today by defining what it means for you to release the spirit in you.

Happy Easter, happy Aries, and wish for each of you a resurrection of your spirit.

Here are two videos for your enjoyment:

1st, the Aries Full Moon
2nd, Easter Celebration: The Reappearance of Christ

1. The Wisdom of theZodiac, Volume 1, by Torkom Saraydarian, p. 15.

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