Friday, April 15, 2016

21 - The Process of Renewal


Every year at this time, spiritual people from all around the world celebrate what is often referred to as Wesak, or the Festival of Buddha. The Festival coincides with the Full Moon of Taurus, or when the Sun is in Taurus. This most often falls in May, but at times, it falls in April, as it will this year.

I like this Festival, because the key ingredient is “contact.” Contact is what human beings most want in their lives. We want to contact our loved ones, our pets, our friends. Note social media and how many people all over the world make contact with each other. Old and young, we like contact. There is no life without contact.

In the spiritual realms, contact means to connect with the essence within us and within nature. We have a thirst for this contact inherent in us. Every person who is beyond survival mode wants to know what is beyond the life. So, we seek cultural explanations, religious explanations, and spiritual explanations. We ponder denial and we ponder possibilities. But we keep on asking and seeking.

Why do we seek and ask? It is because we sense a need for renewal. We want change and we know that change means life, means solved problems, means to see a new way of life and new meaning. So, renewal is important to us as human beings. We do not keep our children in the same habits, nor do we want ourselves trapped in the same habits. We want renewal.

How then to find the path of renewal? Take nine days, and each day, ponder on one of the questions given below. Think and write your findings. Here they are, taken from Torkom Saraydarian's  Wisdom of The Zodiac, Volume 1:

 1.      See what you are and what you are doing in this world. Be factual and honest. What are you doing?
2.      Go deep inside of you and find ways to clean yourself from physical, emotional, mental rubbish. Find the way to purify your nature and let your divinity shine out.
3.      Find what kind of influence you have on others. This is important and do not skip this. Observe and observe and see whom you influence and how. Consider seen and sensed influences.
4.      Bring the inner light to shine on what humanity is doing, where humanity is going. This is huge and can be shocking. Can we see what humanity is doing without reverting to partisan politics or personal hatreds? Just see clearly.
5.      Have your inner reality guide you and reveal to you what to do in your own life, in your own field; as you speak, think, and act, what can you do to purify the atmosphere in which we all live?
6.      Note if you have contacts with the supermundane worlds. Do you have guiding dreams, instincts, guidance? These inner contacts guide us and show us we are not alone. Note them and see when in your life you receive guidance and how this guidance comes to you?
7.      Find your real teacher. If you are searching, what are you looking for and what are you willing to do to find the real teacher?
8.      See what the future holds for you. Based on what you are doing now, what is the logical outcome of your life? If you want to change the outcome, it is the time to change the cause.
9.      Take time on the ninth day to sit in solitude and “connect” with all of life. Listen to nature, to the movements around you, connect to the stars. Connect to all the men and women in the world who are heroically working to change the world. Connect in your heart to all the Great Ones of all religions and spirituality who ceaselessly guide humanity toward purity and goodness. They can be found everywhere, right here on Earth.

A joyous contact to you!


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