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25 - Torkom's Work Ethics

I was looking over my many notebooks and came across some notes that I had taken back in August 19, 1993 from a group meeting conducted by Torkom. He was giving us advice for success. I find his instructions timely and important. These are simple rules that Torkom followed his entire life. When followed, they simplify life and help me have faith, hope, and the trust in the future. Here are some of the things that he said that you may find useful in your life.

The Teachings used by me [Torkom] are for success, which means happiness, health, joy, continuity, and abundance. Here are 15 ways that success is a sure outcome:

1. All that he does for the group is the best work that he can do. 

2. He dedicates all that he does for the Hierarchy of Great Ones, the Highest that he can. What do you do that demands the best from you? Find it, give the best to others. This forms the “crown” of your head. 

3. He puts all his “capital” into his work without holding anything back: his family, his money, his body, his talents and abilities; all are great factors for success. Otherwise, you ruin yourself with halfhearted attempts. Think: you are His soldier. If you are halfhearted, doubtful, you cannot make it. 

4. He holds the future victory always in his vision, no matter what. Be successful, defeat failure only in this way. Concentrate always on future success. Say: “It is impossible that I won’t make it.” It is not a victory that is personal. 

5. He is never worried about himself. So, always he is strong and healthy. So, sacrifice yourself. Use the power inside of you to work.

6. He always wishes the best for each person, no matter what they did. 

7. He has gratitude to all who worked for humanity, no matter where, how; he praises them, prays for them. 

8. Work for humanity and you will always be in abundance. 

9. He is always grateful to all who helped him and the group in any way. 

10. He never counted his time, but kept going until the job is finished. 

11. He gives money without showing it. He gives time without counting it. He gives whatever is needed. 

12. He does not condition his relations, speech, actions based on rewards. Must do this especially with group members. It is an opportunity to be a future hero. Detach yourself from all things that attach you. You really have nothing; whatever you have, use it to produce something in the world.

13. He is very economical, in everything. The Law of Economy is not stinginess; it is the greatest and most important Law in the Universe. Be economical so you can give. Economy makes you generous. Economize in everything. Don’t be pleasure seeking. 

14. He always follows directions from his own heart. 

15. The Great Ones tell us that future Initiates will be picked from groups that They organized. Prepare yourself to be chosen.

This was very inspiring to read after all these years. Because of his direct and wholehearted approach, he wrote, taught, created, composed and left a rich legacy that is for all humanity. He was never defeated; the work continues and will continue. 

Gita Saraydarian is the Founder and President of TSG Foundation.


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