Friday, March 24, 2017

26 - Resurrection

Dear Friends:

I would like to share with you the Podcast of a lecture I gave in 2009 about Initiation and how it coincides with the three major Full Moons.

Welcome to the first of three Podcasts of these lectures! We are releasing these Podcasts to coincide with the 3 Major Festivals of the year; Aries, Taurus and Gemini.
Aries and Resurrection: The Call
The Three Major full moon festivals of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini are considered by the esoteric wisdom Teachings to be a time of inner reflection and inner observation. Aries emphasizes meditation on the purpose and direction of our life. In Taurus, we consider the connection we make to the higher principles and core values of our life. In Gemini, we process the path of actualization of our inner contacts and inner values in practical life.
Aries helps us contact the inner direction, the purpose, or the most essential in our life. The energy of Aries helps us refine our direction and aligns us once again so that we are indeed on the path of conscious growth and conscious evolution. The Aries energies are fully supported and expanded by the energies of Easter, the power of the soul to resurrect itself from the hold and pull of matter.
“The moment must come in your life when, symbolically, the needle of your compass aligns itself with the magnetic current of the North Pole or to the ray of willpower.” (Challenge for Discipleship, p. 332)
The Wisdom Teachings emphasize that eventually we will resurrect, or graduate from our earthly life and move into greater consciousness and greater service. Resurrection is the answer to a great call. We are told that the voice of the Father, the Great Soul of this Planet, is calling us back to the essence and that “His Voice is tracing the path.” (Teachings of Christ, Volume. 4, p. 11)
In this lecture is discussed: What is the Cal that changes your life? How do we align ourselves to the current of the symbolic “North Pole” of spiritual life? Also discussed are  the five ways that Christ/Jesus exemplified the process of alignment and Resurrection in His life and Teachings. The lecture ends with a beautiful blessing mantram and visualization.
You may listen to the entire lecture here:

Resurrection Podcast


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