Wednesday, May 03, 2017

27 - Wesak and Contact - Podcast

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the second of three Podcasts on the topic of the 3 Major Festivals:  the Taurus Full Moon or the Festival of Wesak.

The keynote for Taurus is contact. 

At the time of Wesak, we have a great opportunity to make contact with the Higher Principles that guide our life and to deepen their expression in all that we do.
What are those Higher Principles?

They are living a life of Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, Freedom, continuous striving to surpass our limitations, and service for the betterment of life. These principles are based on the One Principle: The sacredness and oneness of all life.

In this time of rancor, doubt, hatred, greed, and fear, we can take an important step to remove these elements by making a link with the highest within us, our inner essence, and letting that sacred contact flow out of our lives.

What happens when we make contact? We achieve what is called in the Ageless Wisdom, an "initiation."*
I presented this series in 2008 and I am happy to share these lectures with you.

Here is what is included in this lecture:
  1. What is Contact?
  2. Contact at various levels
  3. Results of Contact
  4. What is Initiation
  5. Reception/Assimilation/Expression
  6. Meditation: Wesak and a reading of prayers for departed souls

You may listen to the entire lecture here:


May the Blessings of the Holy Ones be on you and yours.
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* "Initiation is an expansion of your consciousness and a changing of your focus from one level to another level." (Initiation, p. 22).

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- Please remember that these lectures are delivered for spiritual enlightenment and upliftment. They are not meant to take the place of medical health care.


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