Wednesday, May 31, 2017

28 - Gemini - Radiation - Podcast

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the third of three Podcasts on the topic of the 3 Major Festivals. The third major full moon is the  Gemini Full Moon also called the Festival of Humanity,  the Festival of Christ.

The keynote for Gemini is radiation. 

After contact comes radiation. We radiate our wisdom, our understanding, our love and our higher values to all of life around us. During Gemini, an Initiate radiates his or her contacted and actualized wisdom.

In our daily life we hear mostly what is wrong with the world, the mistakes leaders have made, the failures of people, the illnesses, famines, diseases plaguing humanity.

Is there a place for radiating something other than doom and gloom? Yes. When I observe the history of the world in the last 100 years, I see great progress for humanity. Certainly, not all areas of life are perfect, but human beings have achieved great improvements in life in every part of life.

These improvements are the result of people's curiosity, their belief that solutions can be found, their immense faith in the human heart, their tireless labor to do good in society. Human beings in all parts of the world are inspired, encouraged, uplifted by great ideas and belief systems. It is these inner values, the curiosity of exploration, the thirst for knowledge and solutions that drive human development.

The Ageless Wisdom advises us to hold our spiritual values in our hearts and have these values inform what we do and the path we take. During the Gemini period, find the inner values most dear to you, hold them in the light of your soul, and radiate them in every part of your life.

Our radiation flows through every action, thought, and feeling. We are always radiating who we are. Our subtle emanations, our speech, our non-verbal communications reflect the reality of who we are.

In this third lecture, I speak about the third part of the process of Initiation. Initiation is not a magic formula wherein someone gives us a badge or a higher position of power. It is rather a result of our own efforts to change our life into conscious communication with the Higher Worlds and conscious and deliberate manifestation of this contact. It is tangible evidence that the person has actualized the wisdom of the spiritual path and lives a purposeful and inner-directed life.

I hope you enjoy this lecture. Included are:

  1. Hallmark of an Initiate
  2. Hierarchical Radiation
  3. Actualized Wisdom
  4. World of Reality
  5. Actualization and Initiation
  6. Aura in attraction of energies
  7. Meditation in Gemini
May the blessings of the Holy Ones be on you and yours.

You may listen to the entire lecture here:


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For more in depth information on Initiation and Self Actualization see the following:

- Please remember that these lectures are delivered for spiritual enlightenment and upliftment. They are not meant to take the place of medical health care.


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